Meet Marlowe Ivey Vaughan of Feed the Dialogue NC


Marlowe Ivey Vaughan

Editor’s note: Instead of the usual “Ask a Farmer” Q&A, we want to introduce our readers to the new executive director of the Feed the Dialogue NC Foundation, Marlowe Ivey Vaughan.

It is a great privilege to write to you as the new executive director of Feed the Dialogue NC Foundation. For those of you not yet familiar with Feed the Dialogue NC, it is a foundation that promotes North Carolina agriculture though outreach programs and social media engagement. This year, some of our plans include hosting a farmer-chef event and a university campus farmer panel, launching our “GoGrown” series, and rebuilding our social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to watch our foundation grow. And check out our website at for any “Ask a Farmer” type questions you might have.

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