Step Back in Time at the Dellinger Grist Mill in Bakersville

The Dellinger Grist Mill in Bakersville, North Carolina

Dellinger Grist Mill; Photo courtesy of Jenevieve Morgan

The Dellinger Grist Mill in Bakersville is the last water-powered and stone-ground gristmill of its kind in North Carolina. Established by Rueben Dellinger in 1867, the mill has been in the Dellinger family for more than 150 years.  After falling into disuse for 42 years, the current operator, Jack Dellinger, restored the gristmill, earning it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. Today, Jack still uses the mill to grind mountain-grown white corn into cornmeal, grits and polenta using the same waterwheel, millstones and traditional methods passed down for generations.

To learn more about the historic gristmill or schedule a visit or tour, go to or call (404) 431-3999.

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