How Can Small Family Farms Find Success, and What Should The Public Know About Their Food?


Ask a farmer - Carl Bonds

Farming is a business. We own land, but we rent most of the land we farm to grow peanuts, soybeans, cotton and wheat. I don’t control the market, input costs and rental rates, so the management of my farm is critical. I examine when I need to repair and maintain equipment, and I do the repairs myself. The returns we get on this family farm go back into the operation, so I am constantly investing in my farm. Something my dad told me years ago stuck: “We all need to help each other in the community.” Farmers help their neighbors. Farmers, no matter what size of farm, produce the best food we can. My daughter eats the same food as everyone else — and I would not expose my family to anything unsafe or not healthy. As farmers, we are stewards of the land and of the food we produce. We take that responsibility seriously.

Carl Bond runs Rhodes Bond and Son Farms, Inc. in Bertie County and serves on the boards of the N.C. Farm Bureau and Bertie County Farm Bureau.

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