Got June Dairy Month?


June Dairy Month

From milk to ice cream, cheese to yogurt, June celebrates all types of dairy products – a nutrient-rich food for the body that also benefits your budget.

“Milk is a nutrient powerhouse. One cold glass of milk gives you eight grams of protein as well as eight essential nutrients at just 25 cents per serving,” said Caroline Roper, industry communications program manager for Southeast United Dairy Industry Association.

Farmers and agriculture groups throughout North Carolina honor June Dairy Month, with origins that date to 1937. During the spring months, dairy cows traditionally gave birth to calves and produced an influx of milk. Farmers established community celebrations to promote and improve milk sales. Today, the month is about everything dairy.

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The Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, North Carolina Farm Bureau, dairy farmers and other groups collectively promote dairy throughout the month. Expect to see farmers and dairy promoters at baseball games and community festivals. Dairy-themed pencils, T-shirts, hats and recipe books will be abundant, Solomon says. And listen for the state’s dairy farmers on the radio or television. Their public service announcements will share how dairy packs power for your life.

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– Joanie Stiers

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