Flat Farmer Educational Program Teaches Kids About Agriculture

Flat Farmer Educational Program

Photo credit: Flat Farmer Educational Program

What better way to learn about agriculture than by visiting a local farm and meeting the farmers who work there? The North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association (NC-ANA) started the Flat Farmer Educational Program to give students across the state the opportunity to do just that. The organization has created and expanded opportunities for NC-ANA-member farms to host more school field trips through a fun and engaging, curriculum-based educational program. The program gives fourth-grade students the chance to learn about agriculture by communicating directly with North Carolina farmers, who in turn benefit from increased opportunities to host school field trips and educational tours. The goal for the NC-ANA is to involve 100 farms, or one farm from each county in North Carolina, while strengthening the relationships between farmers, educators and school administrators.

To learn more about the Flat Farmer Educational Program or become a participating farmer or fourth-grade educator, email flatfarmer.ncana@gmail.com.

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