Ask a Farmer: Why are CSAs important?


We asked fifth-generation farmers David and Cheryl Correll about why CSAs are so important:

Our Old Fashioned Home Delivery service is based on the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, but we deliver directly to the participants’ porches, much like the milkman of old. This program benefits our farm as well as those who participate by creating relationships directly between the grower and the consumer. We love knowing our customers, and we treat them like family. If someone has a need, we try to fill it, whether it be extra broccoli or a visit with someone who is homebound. Our program is 15 weeks long and, with most customers paying in advance, we are able to plant and harvest crops efficiently. The knowledge that much of our produce is sold before it is ever harvested is great peace of mind in an ever-changing world. Our midweek delivery service pairs well with our weekend farmers markets and gives us the flexibility to manage both with a small number of employees.

David and Cheryl Correll; Why are CSAs important

Photo credit: John Lambeth

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About the farmers: David and Cheryl Correll are fifth-generation farmers who grow produce on an NC Century Farm in the town of Cleveland. David also serves as vice president on the Rowan County Farm Bureau Board.

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