Ask a Farmer: How Has the Role of Women in Agriculture Changed Over the Years?

Rena Eure; women in agriculture

Photo credit: John Lambeth/North Carolina Farm Bureau

The role of women in agriculture has changed in my lifetime, and I think my story is typical of a modern woman in agriculture. My grandmother cooked, canned and cleaned the homestead, whereas I worked outside the farm early in my marriage. Later, I came back to the farm to do bookkeeping, make input decisions and be the gofer. My husband and I gained a new perspective after he had a health scare, but faith, family and farming have always been my driving forces and helped me as I took on more of the physical labor on the farm. Like many women now, I am also involved in leadership, including my FSA County Committee, County Ag Advisory Committee, Perquimans County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, Perquimans FFA Alumni and NC Farm Bureau State Women’s Committee. Women in agriculture are also now doing more of the important job of advocacy and connecting with the public. Our future depends on it!

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Rena Eure grows corn, wheat and soybeans in Perquimans County.

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