Ridgeway Cantaloupes Cause Melon Mania



Ridgeway cantaloupes have been an elusive, highly demanded melon for nearly a century. The small, super sweet melons became famous in the 1930s, when they were shipped by the trainload from the small farming community of Ridgeway to exclusive eateries in the North, such as the Waldorf Astoria in New York. In recent years, true Ridgeway cantaloupes have become increasingly rare and are difficult to acquire.

After settling in the Ridgeway-Drewry region of Warren County, members of the Holtzmann family began growing these illustrious cantaloupes. Today, Richard Holtzmann Sr. and his son, Richard Jr., run the family farm and produce some of the finest cantaloupes in the county.

The startlingly sweet Ridgeway cantaloupes can be purchased from the Holtzmanns’ produce stand on Route 1 each summer. In July, Ridgeway hosts the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Festival, honoring the delicious melons and small-town community life.

To learn more about the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Festival, visit project543.visitnc.com/cantaloupe.

– Cara Sanders

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