Ask a Farmer: What Do You Do to Be a Good Neighbor and Get Involved in Your Community?


Amy Ager and her dog, Prairie

We share our farm story through various avenues such as our website, rack cards, social media and every day in person as we interact with our customers.  We focus on our mission and our values and discuss how we believe in a regenerative agriculture system that improves the health of the people, land and animals. We raise livestock, sell high-quality grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork, and support over 50 farmers who raise to our protocol that are part of our supply chain.

The mission of Hickory Nut Gap is to build community through agriculture. We build strong relationships, value transparency and deliver high-quality products to our customers. Fencing our cows out of the creeks, maintaining diverse healthy pastures, donating products to local nonprofits, selling at our local farmers market and hosting events at our farm, are ways we are involved in our community. This allows us to be and grow together in our understanding of agriculture and each other as people so all aspects of our environment can flourish.

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– Amy Ager

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