Ask a Farmer: What Do You Recycle or Repurpose on the Farm to Have Zero Waste?


Ask a Farmer: Corey Cox

We try to recycle and repurpose as many things as possible on our farm. Our operation includes an eight-house broiler farm (broilers are chickens raised for meat). We bring in recycled wood chips that are repurposed for wood shavings. The shavings are spread across the floors in the broiler houses. After several flocks of broilers are raised, we clean out all the shavings and litter from the houses. Once the houses are cleaned out, we spread the litter on our agriculture fields. The litter provides valuable nutrients for our row crops (corn, soybeans and other field crops), and also allows us to scale back on some commercial fertilizer inputs. New shavings are then brought back to the broiler farm, and the fun starts all over again!

Corey Cox works with his dad at Cox and Cox Farms in Onslow County. They raise broilers, and grow corn, soybeans and sometimes cotton and wheat. Corey also works for Coastal AgroBusiness as a Solutions Advisor for Sales.

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