Table to Farm: How Carolina Compost Is Turning Food Waste Into Chemical-Free Compost


Photo credit: Amy Gibson

Since 2016, Carolina Compost in Thomasville has been turning food waste into clean, chemical-free compost. The idea for the company first came to owner Jason Gibson when he wanted to find a way to recycle the waste he was pumping out of restaurant grease traps. Gibson began researching compost and experimenting with different ingredients until he came up with the perfect mixture and process.

Carolina Compost begins with premium wood waste and food scraps such as dairy products, cooking oil, fruits and vegetables. After six months of processing, the waste and scraps become high-quality, nutrient-rich organic compost that you can feel good about using to fertilize your plants. They call the concept “farm to table to farm,” returning the nutrients grown on the farm back into the soil.

To learn more about Carolina Compost or purchase some for yourself, visit or call (336) 250-9848.

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