North Carolina Tourism Marks Record Year


North Carolina tourism

North Carolina saw record tourism numbers in 2016, reaching $22.9 billion in visitor spending dollars. That’s a nearly 5 percent increase from 2015, with total visitor numbers approaching 50 million people who spent approximately $63 million per day.

The research was done by Visit North Carolina and the United States Travel Association, and proves that N.C. tourism is vital for the state’s economy. In fact, tourism-related employment for North Carolina reached another record, increasing 3.2 percent and providing 218,000 jobs while supporting more than 45,000 local businesses.

Another success in North Carolina tourism included $3.6 billion in federal, state and local taxes, which was a 4.8 increase from 2015. State tax receipts rose 5.2 percent to nearly $1.2 billion and local tax receipts grew 4.8 percent to $692.8 million.

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