Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund Grant Application

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dinner in the meadow

Photo courtesy of Dinner in the Meadow

Are you a small farmer needing financial help with a farm project? You might be eligible for the Mobley Small Farm Fund grant, funded by the annual chef-curated Dinner in the Meadow.

Dinner in the Meadow

The Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund was established to support and cultivate small farms in North Carolina. Founded in 2014 in honor and in memory of Franklin County farmers Marjorie Leonard and Steve Mobley of Meadow Lane Farm in Franklin County, Louisburg, N.C., the fund aids in development and long-term sustainability of small farms through an annual grants program, with proceeds raised during a dinner at the farm and through community donations and sponsorships. Because of the first-year success in 2014, $9,000 was awarded in 2015.

Multiple chefs from all over the state join to prepare a culinary feast in a meadow setting and to celebrate local food. Everyone is invited. Executive Chef David Gaydeski of the N.C. Governor’s Mansion will oversee the foods in 2016 to support local farmers and local cuisine.Spring early bird tickets at a discount for a short time are now available at dinnerinthemeadow.org/tickets.

Is My Farm Eligible?

To be eligible for this grant a small farm can be the enterprise of one person or family and the farmer must generate at least 50% of his/her personal income from the farm operation during the previous calendar year. The farm must have been operational for at least two years in North Carolina by July 1 of the year of the grant. Previous winners are not eligible. You may own or rent the land.

The grant is to improve the infrastructure or equipment of the farm for continuation and long-term success of the farm operation and to promote small farm sustainability. Applications for labor, training or marketing will not be considered. The funding is project driven. The amount of the grant is up to $5,000 and will be awarded at the annual Dinner in the Meadow on Sunday, September 11, 2016. The winner or a representative must attend to receive the grant and be prepared to informally describe his/her project during the event.

Grant proposals may be submitted online or by mail. All information must be included or the application will be rejected and you will not be contacted. An interview at the farm may be required. All applicants will be notified of their status by September 5, 2016. The deadline for the grant proposal is June 15, 2016 without exception. Mailed application must be postmarked that date or before. Email any questions you might have to lmsmallfarmfund@gmail.com. You may also call (919) 802-7259 for more information.

Download the Mobley Small Farm Grant Application 2016

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