Where Can I Find It, and Who Do I Call?

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In the last several articles, we have been discussing how to prepare for life’s what-ifs and develop a plan to make sure the things and people most important to us are protected. But, if and when one of these events occurs, it is important that our loved ones can find the necessary information when needed.

When an emergency situation arises, it is critical that loved ones are able to be contacted. Because of the sensitive information contained in our cell phones, many are password-protected. Therefore, it is a good idea to write down the phone numbers of your spouse, children, other family members or acquaintances on a piece of paper or a blank business card in the event a medical condition or accident leaves you unable to communicate. Having an easily accessible list of your current medications or prescriptions as well as a list of any allergies available for first responders is very helpful during a medical emergency.

What if you or someone close to you were to experience a health issue, disability, long-term care situation or even a death in the family that resulted in the need to access insurance documents, or financial or legal information? Would they know where to find or how to locate such information? Could they complete even a simple task such as making sure the bills continue to get paid? It is important to have a list of account numbers for utilities, credit cards, mortgage information and financial institutions, along with the location where these important documents are stored, so they can be accessed when necessary. Although it is critical to protect your identity, don’t fail to notify trusted family members of where to locate important insurance, financial and legal documentation.

I hope that this series of articles has gotten you better prepared for the challenges of life, many of which can be financially catastrophic in nature if one does not have solid insurance and financial plans in place, as well as the importance of making sure our loved ones are able to assist when needed. If you have questions or any concerns about your plan, feel free to reach out to your local Farm Bureau agent.

– Alan Williams

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