Why Do You Need a Confidential Insurance Review?


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For those of us who are parents, we remember the checkups with the pediatrician at two weeks, four weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks and so on. As a matter of fact, routine checkups or physicals are continued throughout every stage of life. Why? We do it to continually monitor our health and take preventative measures to avoid issues as we grow older. That same concept should apply to your insurance plan.

However, the perception today is to go to the insurance store, select a boxed plan, proceed on to the checkout counter, pay and you are all set. To simplify it even more, you go online, point, click, pay and you’re done. The problem with that philosophy is that with insurance, one size does not fit all. Insurance products offer many endorsements, or optional coverage, which every individual or family may not require. A great insurance plan is designed around the specific needs of individuals and families. Everyone should take the opportunity to alter and change their insurance plan as their life changes. This can be accomplished through periodic confidential insurance reviews.

In addition, I am sure we have all asked the question, “What I am I getting in return for the premiums I am paying?” In fact, most do not understand the promise in return for the premiums we pay. The terminology on declarations pages outlining the coverage and in the insurance policy can be confusing and hard to interpret. All of us could use a professional insurance adviser to explain definitions of insurance terms, what is and what isn’t covered by the policies in our insurance program.

So think of a confidential insurance review as your periodic insurance checkup to monitor the insurance “health” of your plan. Schedule “insurance checkups” as you progress through different stages of life: graduation from college, making a significant purchase like a car or home, getting married, childbirth, adding first-time drivers, sending the kids to college, becoming an empty nester, divorce situations, becoming a blended family, approaching retirement, renewing your policies or just when you have questions. There is never a wrong time to see if you need any preventive changes to make sure you have the coverage needed before the storms of life and weather events occur.

When was the last time your insurance plan got a checkup? Contact your local Farm Bureau Agent to schedule a confidential insurance review today.

– Allan Williams

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