Feeding the Dialogue NC


Feeding the Dialogue NC

Thanks to a recent partnership between the North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition (NCAAC) and the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), North Carolina consumers have a premiere resource for learning more about the state’s farmers and where their food comes from.

The NCAAC has been helping farmers share their stories over the past few years, and on Sept. 13, 2013, they took the conversation a step further by launching the USFRA Food Dialogues event series. The series focused on reconnecting North Carolinians with the farmers that produce foods they eat.

The event provided two successful panel discussions among experts including farmers, scientists, health care professionals and leaders in the food service industry on topics addressing questions on how food is raised and grown.

In addition to the event, the NCAAC launched a new website, feedthedialoguenc.com, geared toward answering consumer questions. In a Sampson Independent article, NCAAC co-chair Bryan Blinson said that the goal of the website is to provide a diverse range of information and voices that give food decision-makers confidence in the foods they are feeding their families.

The website features plenty of food for thought, covering topics such as food choices, animal care, antibiotics, GMOs and more. Consumers can also submit their own questions to be answered by their team of North Carolina food, farming, health and science experts.

To learn more about the effort or to ask your questions, visit feedthedialoguenc.com.

– Rachel Bertone

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