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Since it was established in 1936, North Carolina Farm Bureau has served as the unified voice of farmers across North Carolina when advocating for common-sense agricultural policy. North Carolina Farm Bureau’s mission hasn’t changed, but how we accomplish it has evolved in response to the needs of our membership.

One way we’ve progressed to meet those needs is through the variety of member services we designed to save you time and money. We’re especially proud of NCFB Mutual Insurance Company and Farm Bureau Bank, which headline an all-star list of service partners, including General Motors, Choice Hotels, Case-IH, Polaris, Grainger, Biltmore Estate, ID Experts and many others.

Through Ag in the Classroom, the Institute for Future Ag Leaders, the R. Flake Shaw Scholarship and others, we’re part of the solution when it comes to educating future leaders and helping them develop their skills.

Through our award-winning Healthy Living for a Lifetime program, we’ve also made an investment in improving the health of rural families through no-cost mobile health screenings. This program has saved many lives across the state.

Over time, some programs were adjusted to reflect current needs and realities. Some became obsolete and were eliminated; others were appropriately adjusted. Yet one constant, unwavering need has remained for the state’s 50,000 farms: the need for effective representation when dealing with local, state and federal issues impacting the state’s $78 billion agricultural industry.

Our grassroots structure means the policy positions we make as an organization are not determined by any one person or small group, but they’re set through due-process and formal voting by our farmer members across the state. So lawmakers know when Farm Bureau speaks, it represents the true needs of farmers.

There are scores of issues on which we’re working from a legislative or a regulatory position at both the state and federal levels. This organization and the success of our efforts are critical to moving agriculture forward, to the future of agriculture, and to the future of our rural communities in this state.

As we finish this year and look forward to 2015, we strive to improve in all our program areas, and we challenge ourselves to be a better organization. On behalf of North Carolina Farm Bureau, we wish everyone a happy holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous new year!

– Larry Wooten

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