Five Reasons to Feel Good About Farm Bureau Membership


North Carolina Farm Bureau wants its 498,834 members to rest easy with the knowledge that their association with NCFB is a good thing and something to state with pride. What follows are five reasons to feel good about being a Farm Bureau member:

1. Helping farmers

The men and women who produce our food, fiber and forestry products are worthy of your trust. They care about the environment, their animals, our safety, the quality of food, their communities, our future, and most of all, you and your families. Through membership in Farm Bureau, you are able to help farmers be better stewards of the food supply. NCFB’s mission is to help improve the lives of farmers and their rural communities. The state and nation’s farmers produce the safest and most abundant food supply in the world. If they are able to operate free of the additional costs associated with the often needless and over-burdensome regulations and laws promoted by anti-agriculture groups, they can continue to produce enough to feed the expanding world population.

2. Helping yourself

The amount and quality of benefits available to members is well worth the $25 annual membership dues. From competitive rates on insurance products and savings on prescription drugs, Grainger products, Choice hotels, car rentals and other products to getting an inside track on NASCAR products, Farm Bureau’s lineup of member savings is sure to help out the family budget. Check our website at for more information on NCFB’s service partners.

3. Helping your community

County Farm Bureaus are major employers in their communities, with office support people and agents ready to help those in need of the organization’s services. In addition, local farmers are enthusiastically engaged with community activities on a level that makes a real difference. Farm Bureau is a non-profit organization, so it is constantly hosting various events meant to benefit the entire community. From Safety Days to D.A.R.E. and other awareness programs, county Farm Bureaus help make their communities better places to live and raise families, both financially and through their social awareness efforts.

4. Helping young people

Whether it’s helping elementary school children plant a garden in conjunction with NCFB’s Ag in the Classroom program, hosting a weeklong tour of the state’s agricultural careers and land grant universities through the organization’s Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders, or providing college scholarships for students pursuing agriculturally related careers through the R. Flake Shaw Scholarship fund, NCFB makes a difference for young people.

5. Helping protect our future

Farm Bureau also has programs focused on producing outstanding leaders. NCFB’s Young Farmers and Ranchers program helps farmers 18-35 years old focus on their leadership skills through special programs and events that foster their development. Another program that continues leadership training is the organization’s Leadership Education Activity Development effort. This LEAD program continues developing the skill set farmers acquired through participation in YF&R. In addition to the programs that help educate young people and develop them into future leaders, Farm Bureau is helping protect the farmer. The best way to ensure a continued supply of safe and abundant food for the state and nation’s citizens is by keeping farmers on the farm. Now that’s something to feel good about!


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