Farm Bureau Mission Is More than Words


Farm Bureau is a legislative organization whose mission is to represent the concerns of agriculture and rural North Carolinians before our state’s General Assembly and the United States Congress.Farm Bureau Mission Is More than Words

Many of the nearly 500,000 North Carolinians who count themselves as members of our nonprofit organization are suburban and urban policyholders who have placed their trust in our mutual insurance company to protect their homes, automobiles and their most precious assets—their lives. These members know that agriculture is important, but probably don’t think much about it beyond three meals a day.

Fortunately, Farm Bureau is not only thinking about the most responsible and affordable ways to protect our members’ tangible assets through insurance coverage, but we’re also working tirelessly to protect the food, fiber and forestry products that feed, clothe and house their families.

We point with pride at the strength wielded by an organization whose power is directly tied to the grassroots volunteer leaders across North Carolina, many of whom are family farmers.
Our organization is 73 years old, and we have used Farm Bureau over the years to ensure that agriculture continues as a profitable profession and as a way of life. But we have also employed it to continue providing practical insurance options to those who could not obtain coverage otherwise.

Farm Bureau is—unquestionably—a strong partner in the business community of every county in North Carolina. Over the last few years, we have concentrated our attention and financial efforts on becoming a more visible and unified organization across the state—and we are succeeding!

We now proudly boast 185 offices in all 100 of North Carolina’s counties—and with the help of uniform and well-lighted signage, those offices are easily located. Larry Wooten NCFB President

We ARE more visible, and we are known as a “CAN DO” organization. With this visibility and standing in the state comes responsibility. 

We cannot—nor will we ever—forget that our primary mission addresses the concerns of agriculture and rural North Carolinians. But, neither can we walk away from our responsibility of leadership within the state and of service to our policyholders who rely on our insurance products and other member services.

“One Farm Bureau…One Mission” is more than just words and includes much more than a single focus.

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