On the Local Level: Summer 2020


Take a look at what’s happening with the North Carolina Farm Bureau across the state this summer:

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Photo credit: John Lambeth/North Carolina Farm Bureau

Honoring an Educator

The North Carolina Farm Bureau presented Perquimans County teacher Stacey Pierce with the 2020 Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year Award. Pierce stood out among the many nominees for her unique approach to weaving agricultural concepts into her classroom curriculum at Perquimans Central School. A panel of judges evaluated the nominees based on creativity, interdisciplinary approaches, utilization of agricultural information, student impact, advancement of educational standards and administrator endorsement. Pierce, who has hosted many ag-science events at school and won several Going Local grants, was selected as the most effective of the nominees for going above and beyond to teach her students about the importance of agriculture. She will go on to attend the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in Salt Lake City this summer and North Carolina Farm Bureau’s 85th Annual Meeting in Greensboro in December.

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